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Red Lake Exploration

Large Land Package in Red Lake  

Rubicon controls more than 100 square miles of mainly grassroots exploration property in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. Specific high-interest exploration targets include: 

  • Adams Lake
  • DMC
  • Slate Bay
  • East Bay
  • Red Lake North


Map of Rubicon's Red Lake Projects: 

F2 Gold System North Exploration Program

The Carbonate Zone (“CARZ”)
This area is located within 1.0 kilometre north of ongoing underground development at the Phoenix Gold Project (“Project”). This program revisits the high-grade intercepts discovered from previous drilling on the Carbonate Zone (“CARZ”), as well as commencing an initial wide-spaced drilling program to test the northern extension of the F2 deposit. The F2 Gold System comprises a northeast-trending, west-dipping sequence of ultramafic-to-mafic volcanics, felsic intrusives and meta-sedimentary rock types, which include the McFinley gold deposit banded iron formation sequence within the East Bay Deformation trend.

CARZ Hanging Wall width is approximately 25 m. Gold mineralization is associated with fine-grained arsenopyrite shear bands, and silicified, actinolite altered, quartz-carbonate veins which are host to the bulk of the 2015 program high-grade drill results, as well as the 2005 historical drill results that returned 5.16 g/t Au over 8.95 m (PZ-82), 6.00 g/t Au over 7.70 m (PZ-83) and 5.22 g/t Au over 6.50 m (PZ-84).

CARZ is approximately 25 m in width consisting of a massive colloform carbonate vein zone with gold mineralization associated with sulphides in brecciated and silicified portions of iron carbonate veins.

The mineralization found in CARZ and CARZ Hanging Wall occurs approximately 70 m above and almost on a parallel plane from the historical intercepts in the area known as the Island Zone.

The  wide-spaced drill holes that targeted the north of the F2 Deposit identified several areas of gold mineralization and/or intense alteration that include 9.15 g/t Au over 1.00 m (PR-15-03) and 7.55 g/t Au over 1.00 m (PR-15-03), 8.07 g/t Au over 1.00 m (PR-15-10)  and 7.49 g/t Au over 1.00 m (PR-15-20) and 10.26 g/t Au over 1.18 m (PR-15-20). Drilling intersected anomalous gold mineralization within the F2 Gold System regional trend and confirms the prospectivity of the stratigraphy underlying the Phoenix Gold Project.


2015 F2 Gold System North Exploration Drilling – CARZ (plan view)


2015 F2 Gold System North Exploration Drilling – CARZ (long section facing southeast)